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    Extra Innings Partners with Stars & Stripes Sports!

    Find out what your ability is now and start focusing on what you need to improve by getting tested on Thursday, December 1st from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Players will be tested on Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, Throwing Velocity, Exit Velocity, Sit and Reach, Shoulder Flexibility Grip Strength, 60yd Sprint, and Pro Agility Shuttle. Testing will be completed by former professional player Jeff Juden!

    Stars and Stripes Sports provides the best opportunity for committed athletes to perfect their skill and get as much out of their capabilities as possible. We service players of all ages and provide a platform to help an aspiring player to navigate through the awkward world of travel and club programs. A player who is not committed will not fit in with what our goals and aspirations are which is to provide fuel to the player’s burning desire to become the best they can be.

    Stars and Stripes helps build relationships with players and their families to become a trusted part of development and guidance. Players encounter so much along the development path; it is easy to be left out in the cold wondering who is looking out for the player’s and their best interest.

    Focusing on “Player Development”, Stars and Stripes Sports has established an accomplished Eco- System of resources needed for a player to have success. As a National Company we can meet the ever changing needs of an athlete who is looking to play at their highest capacity.

    A complete process and support system is necessary so that one can commit to a program understanding, no matter what their situation is, can assist their efforts. Stars and Stripes Sports built an Eco- System of professional instructors, coaches, facilities, training products, and processes that creates a very systematic approach to development. The collaboration with so many proven professionals ensures the accuracy of information and the quality of the product presented by Stars and Stripes Sports.

    How Does This Work?

    Our process revolves around gaining the best understanding of our clients and all who can and will serve their needs. We know from experience what can be done to a player’s confidence and character when properly influenced and exposed to the right people. A trusted brand that has pioneered many programs such as the Winter World Championships, All American Teams, State Teams, Regional Teams and National Teams.

    Players get to participate with our programs as it fits their primary teams schedule so there is no conflict. Coaches and players are rewarded as the players who participate on the All American, Regional and National Teams come grow tremendously. The growth or confidence and maturity due to the participation provide spark and leadership to their local program.

    Game Plan 

    Skill Testing- Players need to benchmark where they stand, they need to know how they match up with players in their program, State, Region and on a National Basis. This information can be used in measuring progress and providing the data necessary to make decisions about training needs and college profiling to find the right match.

    Sport Performance- Players have to become a better athlete in order to become a better player. Stars and Stripes Sports offers supplemental options to a local program or a full service option to those dedicated players who want to out work their competitions.

    Instruction- Stars and Stripes Sports has built relationships with instructors and facilities across the country who are proven to be able to teach and develop players. Position specific training is a necessity to establish the proper mechanics and approach to be successful.

    Exposure- Every athlete is unique and has special circumstances. The All-American Teams, Regional Teams and National Teams give a player the opportunity to perform on a nationwide basis against the best competition possible. The experience of playing for a professional coach who does not have a son on the team and with players from all over the country, creates a great opportunity for the players to learn how to become a good teammate. Resources that assist with providing the proper guidance and exposure to colleges and professional scouts are deeply rooted within Stars and Stripes Sports Eco-System.

    Resources- Athletes need to be assisted by professionals along the way and the Stars and Stripes Sports Eco-System provides the VIP access to the player to meet his needs. The recruiting process is unique and a proven process is needed to obtain the best results. Getting a scholarship and understanding how to maximize a collegiate opportunity can be very difficult for players and their families who do not do it on a daily basis. Having Stars and Stripes Sports Eco-System in your corner guarantees a player the best opportunity to succeed.

    Stars and Stripes Pledge to Each Athlete and their Family

    Committed athletes will receive an unwavering amount of support and resources to assist an athlete in setting and achieving goals. We will go on the journey with you and be there for all of the challenges that arise, conquering all challenges, to remain on track in reach the goals set. We will continue to build our team of professionals and resources so each player can focus on becoming the best they can be counting on us to be the single most important resource for a player on and off the field.


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